Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Welcome To Houston British Columbia Travel Blog

Above Photo: Brian Vike

Since I have a lot of time on the hands, I decided to make up a blog on what Houston, British Columbia has to offer for tourists.

What I’m doing is to add the businesses to the blog, such as motels, hotels, Inn’s, etc. Also I have added a section on how to get to Houston, such by way of Greyhound, VIA Rail, Highway 16 and by Air Canada through Smithers, B.C.

Also I have been adding restaurants, fast food and grocery stores.

Another section on things to do while in Houston.

Another area I have added is for folks looking to get out of the big city and wanting to find a home in smaller towns. I have added a list of schools, I will be adding a section for the churches we have, etc..

A section on medical services.

I am adding photos that I have taken, and others are sending in their pictures from around Houston and other areas close by, so everyone visiting the blog will get a great idea what we have here.. 

So to locate my new project: Welcome To Houston British Columbia. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you do drop by the blog.

Brian Vike.

My Daughter Tami: A Great Place To Raise Your Family In Houston British Columbia.

Below Two Pictures: People travel from all around the world to take in some of the best Steelhead fishing there is to have. 

You can contact guides who know the rivers and can take you to the best fishing holes. 

Below Photos: As you will see, I took photos of the bridge in the Steelhead Park, in Winter and Spring. Just love the two pictures.

Welcome To The Houston B.C. Leisure Facility - Swimming/Workout Room.

The leisure facility is one of Houston’s gems, the facility is for everyone, young and old. So when you are traveling through our area, please take advantage of what we have to offer.

Video Below:  Welcome To The Houston, British Columbia Leisure Facility.
Pool/Lazy River/Sauna/Hot-Tub/Swimming/Workout Room.

For the entire family, jump in the pool and have a great swim, or take it easy in the lazy river. You can also lay back in the hot-tub, and sauna. Also a well equipped Fitness Gym.

The clip can be found on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/ONsO0AMTfP8

Photo Below: This last picture I took between Cache Creek and 100 Mile House from a moving Greyhound bus. I thought you all might enjoy checking it out.

If you have a picture or story you would like to share on this page from around Houston, please contact me at b_vike@telus.net

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