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Lowry AFB A Large Black Disk UFO Ringed In White Lights

Posted: September 11, 2008

Date: 1979
Time: Evening.

Brian, Thanks for your reply. I was hoping you would. I read about your sighting, and it was interesting. I'll be happy to tell you my experience.

In 1979, I was 17, and had signed up to serve in the U.S. Air Force. I went through boot camp at Lackland AFB, TX., August of that year, shortly after graduating high school in Connecticut.

After basic training, I was stationed at Lowry for technical training, to be trained to be an instrumentation mechanic, probably in September. I don't recall how long the school was, but I remember it was one of the longer programs, and may have been 16 weeks long, putting me there into the winter.

I had a few buddies there. I recall one of their names to be a (full name removed), who was with me that night. I don't recall the other fellows name.

Sadly, I didn't document the events better than this, it's just my recollection. I had turned 18 in October. This all occurs while we were on Lowry AFB.

One night, I believe in December, because there had to be 8 to 12 inches of snow on the ground, we decided to go off base to a small pub. We didn't have a car, so it was decided that although the pub was off base, and there was no gate near it, that we'd climb a fence, to save time walking all the way around the perimeter of the base. We still needed to walk quite a way from the dorm to the point in the fence we needed to climb.

So it was night, maybe 9:00 pm. I recall a moonlit, cloudless, fairly warm, despite the snow, night. We walked in the direction of the pub, walking through the main street the dorm was located, of the base. When we got away from the main buildings, and away from street and building lights, it was quiet. So, we're walking, and at some point we had to leave the plowed road, and had to cross a snow covered field there.

This is when I look up and I see the strangest thing. I see what appears to be a large black disk, ringed in white lights that revolve around the perimeter of it. I recall how it made me think of lights that revolve around Las Vegas casino marquees. Otherwise it was pitch black, and you could only see the absence of the moonlight where it was. I thought the lights on it comical, instead of otherworldly. But this thing was big. I'd say it was no more than 200 feet up. About 60 - 70 yards diameter. It was dead silent. It didn't even create the sound that winds make going around buildings. It moved slowly maybe 1 to 2 miles per hour, perpendicular to our course, perfectly straight, not drifting in wind, behind us from left to right.

I think I alerted my friends, (name removed) and the other guy, and asked what that could be. They agreed it was something very unusual, and we decided to change course and follow it. Now, we are walking in snow, which doesn't let you move all that fast to begin with, but we're able to keep up with it for maybe 5 to 10 minutes, where we reach some fence. As we stop, the thing just keeps going. Whatever it was, it didn't notice us. We stand and watch as it move, until it was too far to see. No change in course or speed.

We proceeded to the pub, enjoyed ourselves, and hardly spoke of it. I don't recall us really ever talking about it since.

Shortly after, my friends had moved on to their next assignments, as their schools had ended and I continued my school. I lost track of them and don't know if they are alive or not, let alone where they are. The one I forgot was from Foxboro MA, and he was Polish. I would like to meet them again to discuss that night. If I knew how to look up guys at an AFB on a certain date, I would.

Well that's it, not as dramatic as a broad daylight encounter like yours I think.

Thank you to the witness for a fascinating sighting report.

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