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Cannon Air Force Base Security Police Watch Numerous UFOs

Posted: December 26, 2007

Date: July 1976

HBCC UFO Research Note: The Cannon AFB sighting report below came in through my submissions feed, the person reporting this event is anonymous and I have no way of writing back to this person. I certainly would like to chat to the witness over this event if he would be kind enough to drop me a line to Brian Vike, at Also again I would like to request that any servicemen at the Cannon AFB who witnessed these unusual events to please come forward with a detailed report, or possible footage or photos which were taken this evening as explained in the report below.

July 1976 at Cannon Air Force Base

The following events occurred 30 years ago. The exacts details have become a little fuzzy, after all I haven't thought about this stuff for 3 decades.

I arrived at Cannon Air Force Base in November of 1975. I remember the night because there was about an inch of snow on the ground and the next morning it was in the 70's. It's true what they say about desert weather. LOL.

I was a member of the 27th SPS (Security Police) and the only event that I can recall happening during January of 1976 was some talk of a plane crash that was supposed to happen, but everyone had different stories with different facts, so I passed them off as fairy-tales. But early July 1976 is a different story.

I was working Security and we were on rotating shifts, something like 3 days on days then 2 off, 3 days on afternoons and 2 off, then 3 days on nights then 2 off. Anyways, it was my last day on nights and I was on patrol with another Airman and we were back by the Portales Gate (a remote gate that basic lead to the town of Portales, hence the name) when my partner pointed at something in the sky and asked, "what the hell is that". I saw a light in the sky that appeared to be hovering maybe a couple hundred feet above the ground, just outside the base. We pulled over to the side of the road and observed it for a few minutes. It was blue on top, white in the middle and green on the bottom. We finally called dispatched and asked them if they could contact Flight Tower to see if they had any planes flying. The response was that they did not have anything in the air. It was about then that our dispatch got a call from the Clovis Police and said that they could see some strange lights over the south side of our base. They asked if we had anything in the air. The radio then came alive with other reports all saying the same thing, the light were being seen by others. The Flight Tower was contacted and their radar showed nothing in the sky.

We told dispatch how close we were to the light, and soon 2 other patrols were parked along side us watching it. One of them decided to drive towards the light and we kept in contact with them, to direct him, but as we gave directions and he got directly under the light it could not be seen.

Suddenly the light just seemed to vanish, gone in a blink of an eye. It did not fly away, it just disappeared.

The next night I was sleeping and it was approx 2:00 a.m. when I heard a commotion coming from the hallway of my barracks. I got dressed and followed everyone outside to see what was going on. In the skies above us were approx: 12 lights that made a perfect circle around the base. Each one was the exact same distance from the other, so I knew that this could not be by accident. I wondered if it could be related to the events I witnessed a few nights before. We watched the lights for about an hour or so and then it was as if someone had turned off the power to them, they went off one at a time in a circular manner.

The next night, I could not fall asleep so I went outside to take a walk around, hoping that would make me tired. As I was walking I found myself looking up at the sky and the next thing I saw was a single light appear, then another and another until all 12 lights had come back on like the night before. I noted the time and it was the exact time as the night before.

I ran back to my barracks, where the entire squad had assembled and several people had movie cameras and were filming the sky. As they did the night before, and at the same time, they went off one at a time, just like they had come on.

I eagerly waited the next night for the lights to appear, but they never returned.

The next month in one of the "men" magazines that were being sold at the time (I think it was (removed) magazine) had interviewed the base commander for an article about the lights. So if you want to read up on this, look for a back issue of (removed) magazine dated August or later of 1976.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

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