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Muenchweiler, Germany More Witnesses To A UFO Sighting

Posted: December 27, 2007

HBCC UFO Research Note: In 2004 I had an eyewitness write to me explaining what it was that two people witnessed over an Army Base at Muenchweiler, Germany back in 1980. (There is a link in the below report to their sighting) If these folks do come across this new information about the UFO sighting over Muenchweiler, Germany would they please contact me. I had a computer crash and lost a fair bit of information and have lost their email address. Thank you, Brian

Date: 1980-1982

Hello!! My name is (name removed) and I lived In Munchweiller from 1980-1982.

My Dad was in the army, and I remember this story.

When I was living there, US and German air force jets would fly between the hills there. They flew so low that the windows would shake. This is significant because when I heard about this, I almost saw the UFO.

The army housing was on one side of the base, and the DYA and the very small PX and hospital was on the other side. There was a huge field in the middle of the base, and we played out there.

I remember the UFO story. As I remember, I think the military investigated this. I may even know the persons in your story, I lived in the fourth building on the 2nd floor in Munchweiller. (facing the main gate)

I think that others there may have saw it. I remember that we used to walk though a hole in the fence (so we would not have to walk around the fence) into town and some of my German friends said that they saw something.

Thank you for your time.

Additional Information:

Thank you for writing me back.

Yes, I remember the day the UFO was reported seen. What I meant about hearing the UFO was that in the town of Munchweiller, you could hear everything on base and the day that object was seen it was very quiet and clear.

The girls in the paper that I saw lived behind me, 2 buildings away. They were yelling loudly outside and I was home at the time. I think it made a sound when it left, a weird whirling sound that I really did hear.

The object passed above the base, really fast. I am basing this on where I was at the time. It happened so fast that I did not see it, but I almost did. The girls yelling caused a lot of people to come out and look. I think the Army did look into this, but I do not remember what came out of this.

I would really like to thank the gentleman for taking the time with me to do an audio report and for the report itself.

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