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Cigar Shaped UFO With Port Holes Travels Directly Over The White House

Posted: December 27, 2007

Date: 1968

HBCC UFO Research Note: The below report is a fascinating event that took place. Especially having a UFO fly directly over the United States White House and as far as I know, nothing reported on this. From what the witness reports is that there was a five page report which was written up on the incident. What I would like to request from folks who may have knowledge or possibly have the pages of the incident to contact me at HBCC UFO Research or Mr. John Hayes at UFOINFO with any information on the event. This is a major incident and any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you, Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Description: While acting as Duty Tower Controller at ECG in N.C. I received a call (approx 2230 hours) from the radio operator. He patched me in on the landline where I listened to Washington Center, Military sources including the Duty Officer in the tower cab while he described the object hovering over the runway.

Color/Shape: Silver in color, approximately 30 feet long, cigar shaped with two orange port holes in the side and a flashing green light below. The object made a whirring sound.

Height & Speed: Tracked on radar by Washington Center it departed up the Potomac River at approximately 100 ks directly over the White House where it turned skyward and disappeared in a flash. Later observed by a NW commercial air carrier enroute NYC at flight level 280. Tracked briefly close in then departed as before.

TV/Radio/Press: N/A.

Thank you to UFOINFO for this report.

Additional Information gathered by HBCC UFO Research

Hello Brian,

I was stationed at Coast Guard Air Station, Eliz. City, N.C. for three years (65/68) as one of the seven air traffic controllers in the entire USCG (USN trained, AC(A) school,Glynco, Ga.and FAA certified). The event occurred Marine Quantico. I have an apartment in Pittsburgh, PA, but live and work in Dalian, China.

The entire incident was typed by the radioman who gave me a copy (five pages) printed on the old Mimeograph drum machines. I thought it was most unusual and interesting but you have to remember all I had to draw from was old Flash Gordon moves and the scattered accounts (then just disclaimed by the USAF Blue Book report) of Roswell and Area 51.

None of my fellow controllers thought it beyond amusing (at the Marine Capt. reply when asked by Wash. Center "can you go out there?". He said "not no but hell no I'm not going out there". Primary reason for our reaction was, it was a very conservative time and no one wanted to be associated with controversy. We didn't get our assignment by being political adventurers.

I told a social friend at the FAA Flight Service Station about it and got a better response and request for the transcript. Since I thought they were the bottom line in professionalism (as a later 10 veteran of the FAA 71/81 I found out much differently) I agreed. His supervisor liked the read and forwarded it to FAA HQ in Atlanta where it disappeared. End of story.

Last Dec I attended the Man Will Never Fly Association annual dinner (on the eve of the 'supposedly' First Flight) and was talking with a ret. USN Captain, (fmr Fox-4 driver, five tours in the 'Nam) at the hospitality room. He listened with polite attention and I noticed a strange smile on his face. I started out by saying "now, I'll probably lose whatever creditability I have by telling you this story" when I finished he said " We just had our home remodeled and the wallpaper installer told me the same story a month ago".

Brian, I know it happened, it was like I was standing next to the observer. I remember it word for word.

Hope this helps.

Thank you to the person for the fasinating story.

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