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UFO/Missing Time - Several Officers & General From Mc Dill Question Witness

Posted: December 26, 2007

Date: Early 1970's Time: N/A

HBCC UFO Research Note: Just in case someone does ask me, this person will remain completely anonymous. Also this sounds like another one of the experiences where the government asks questions, but doesn't tell anyone anything. HBCC UFO will also be speaking to the witness by way of telephone soon.

Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 1 Shape of objects: Disk

Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, I read your reports and notice that many of sightings are probably aircraft from earth or Planets low in the sky but occasionally I find something very interesting - often it isn't from a sighting from today but rather from someone stating something from years ago. I do not discount these sightings or any of the stories in your reports. As you will see I have finally decided to tell you a story that could land me in trouble as I signed a non-discloser agreement many years ago. I am a pilot with an aeronautical science background and have specialized training with the US Air Force. I would like to remain anonymous hence my e-mail.

When I was a child growing up on the New Jersey shore I had an experience. I was fishing with a friend - it was in the early seventies - we where in our early teens. We were next to older men that lived on my friends block - although I didn't know them very well, they were very nice and liked the fact that young kids would be out fishing in the dark without fear. Everyone was having a good time and a few fish were taken and everyone was getting hits. The older men said we could have some of their bait as we were out. They (name removed had a Jeep wagon on the beach and said we could go up and use his bait in the back. We did. After hooking up my friend, I saw a very bright big light green disc directly over us that flashed East into the darkness over the Atlantic. We both looked at each other and at the same time said, "did you see that." then both laughed and did a wow that was weird. But not quite as weird as when we walked back to the old men. They said, "We thought you boys went home." That is when we notice that the tide had gone out as though an hour or two had passed. But we knew we were only gone a few minutes - we didn't say anything, in fact we never talked about it again. It was all very strange but that was life in the seventies.

More then ten years later I was awoken by my girl friend who was having trouble waking me. I hadn't felt well and left school midday Wednesday and was surprised to see her a couple of days early and said so. Turns out she wasn't early but in fact I had been in a comma for two days. I had taken a US Air Force chamber flight on Tuesday and passed out on the following day to be awaken by my girl friend on Friday night. She thought I was kidding, and I told her I felt like I got hit by a truck and asked her to look in my book bag. It had a list of symptoms of High Altitude decompression sickness on an Air Force Form. I had the every symptom on the list. It had an emergency phone number for US Air Force Metabolic unit in Texas. She called and they hung up and called back minutes later with instructions and direction to the closest hospital. To make a long story short, I ended up choosing not to be sent to a unit that could recompress me and spent a week in the local hospital. The Air Force paid everything and my school rescheduled my finals. Later I found out that my records of being hospitalized had been altered to causes unknown with a John Doe as my name.

Now the weird part, I was contacted about two months later by the Air Force and asked to meet them at a hotel on the Beach not far from my home to discuss the results of their study. I had been thinking that they must have had a leak in the oxygen line and I had not pre-breathed pure O2. I went to the meeting. I was met at the door by an Air force sergeant that was armed with a shoulder holstered 45. He asked me to enter and then gave me a very brief pat down and apologized explaining that no one sees the General without the proper procedures (I had no idea that a general would be there). There was the General seated on a couch and several officers from Mc Dill standing around that had flown with me at the Unit. I notice a very big tape recorder, which they switch on as I was asked to sit down on an apposing couch, which I did. They had a large report on their facilities and had those present to explain any questions I might have. They told me that everything was fine at the flight unit and they where at a loss to explain my situation. One of the base officers gave a briefing that assured me that nothing was wrong with the equipment.

I was at a loss. The General then asked me how I felt and if I had anything to add, which I didn't. I didn't want to lose my flight ticket with US Navy and basically wanted to forget the whole thing. I told them I was fine and was fit to fly. One of the medical flight officers stated that I might have been fatigued, which I may have been. The General said that he wanted me to read the summary report and NDA and to sign it. I did. He then said, "Maybe you're just a bubbler?" Which insulted me, as I had never heard of that expression before. I was about to get up to leave when the General said, "one more question: you haven't been to outer space before, have you?" I remained silent and looked at everyone and realized he was serious as no one was smiling, just the tape recorder moving. I smiled and said, "no, not as far as I know, sir." He held out his hand and I shook it.

I handed the signed paperwork with left hand to the captain who was reaching for it, the major shut off the tape recorder. The General then said, "you're one tough son of bitch son" - and asked me if I remembered talking to him on the phone in the emergency room, I had but didn't know it was him until that moment. "Your flying Navy I see", he said. I said, "Affirmative sir" He asked, "why" I responded: "am to old for you guys." He laughed and said, "To bad we need your type." I said, "Yes sir." The Sergeant walked me to the door opened it and held out his hand, which I still am not sure why. I shook it; he then patted me on my left shoulder and nodded in the affirmative. I went directly to the hotel bar down stairs and had a shot. I have never told anyone this story, not a girl friend, pilot buddies, relatives or my life long fishing buddy. I cannot explain what happened at the hotel but remember it as though it was yesterday. Nor have I ever forgotten the Green disk that disappeared in a flash with the tide.

Today I do not have a current flight medical and am struggling with body pain most will never know. I have a very successful financial business but still am at a loss to explain the events of many years ago. I can say this with complete confidence - the Government can and does change records and events. Brian I am sorry that I didn't have very good story, but I live with my pain daily and found writing this very difficult as I shed a few tears. I just wish I could remember the missing time of the night of the green disk so that I might have been able to answer the General's question about flying in space with an: "Affirmative, Sir." Yours truly.

Thank you to the person for this most interesting story. Also like this person, I wonder what did take place.

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