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Adak Island, Aleutian Islands Alaska UFO Hovers 100 Feet Away From Military Personal

Posted: March 27, 2007

HBCC UFO Research is requesting any information, or any other military personal who were stationed Adak Island who were witness to this amazing UFO event in January of 1976 would you please contact Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research with any details you can provide. You can reach me at: I do respect everyone's privacy.

I ex-serviceman contacted me by email on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 and told me an fascinating story in which he was stationed on Adak, Island in May of 1975 until April 1976. The gentleman saw a UFO in January 1976. The man still has a personal letter he sent to his Aunt in 1976 with descriptions of the craft. He was on the fire department for 2 months, then he went to the crash crew. The fellow told me his still has many fond memories from being stationed there. Fishing drinking, hiking and skiing.

HBCC UFO Research replied to the fellow and asked if I might be able to telephone him and gather more information on what he saw. Also asking about posting the personal letter he wrote to his family, etc. I received an email back with the man's telephone number and I did call. Well what a wonderful conversation I had with him. A very nice fellow who filled me in on what he and 13 other military serviceman saw hovering just feet above the tarmac in front of the flight tower. I should add that there were other folks in the area who may have witnessed this craft. The incident was written up in the tower's log book, and some of the serviceman were taking photos of this UFO as it sat stationary. The object was huge in size and other smaller UFOs came of the larger one and moved about and then joining up again with the main craft. I was told the photos that were taken showed a brilliant light sitting over the runway. Also strobing colored lights could be seen coming from inside the main object.

I am going to release the "letter" as it was written, I won't be removing any names from it, or removing any information as permission was given for me to leave the letter intact. Also I will be releasing an 22 or so minute telephone interview where you can hear the witness describing the craft. I am just waiting to receive a scanned copy of the original envelope the letter came in.

Thank you to the gentleman for taking the time with me and sharing such a wonderful story.

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Sam said...

I knew an AF Staff Sergeant who had been stationed at a remote radar site (1966) (Adak?) that kept a watch on the Russians. On the other side of the Bering Sea the Russians kept a watch on us. When unidentified bogies would pass through the Bering Straight, which ever radar site noticed them first would contact the other side to inquire. He told of casual conversation between us and Russia as both sides would then track these UFO's until over the horizon and into the Pacific Ocean. He told of this being a normal routing happening quite often. There was no need to scramble jets (from either country) as in a flash these "bogies" would be out of sight. Course, these military men were never to speak about what they had seen.