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Some Of The Things We Saw Were Literally Out Of This World

Posted: March 5, 2008

HBCC UFO Research received another fasinating look back in history, a letter from a gentleman who was kind enough to take the time and write up and submit the report. For me personally, these are "treasures" and a look back in time. Without these wonderful people who come forward with valuable information, we as UFOligists can't bring these truly wonderful story's to the general public. I really do encourage folks who were maybe stationed at the different military bases around the United States, here in Canada or bases around the world to write to me with this important information. Please always note, that I respect everyone's personal information and do not give it out to anyone. Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Also I would like to point out that permission was granted to leave the report intact as it was sent, the only thing HBCC UFO Research did, was to remove a couple of the last names for two individuals in this report.

I am retired military, U.S.Navy. My first duty station after apprentice training was at Naval Station, Adak Island, Alaska. I was assigned to the fire department as a fireman. I was not to keen on the idea of riding on the back step of a fire truck or fighting fires, so being a reasonably intelligent person and one of the few in the department that completed high school and could read and write, I got the job of department dispatcher. It was a nice desk job, I worked 7-4, 5 days a week and when all the other guys were out training I hung out in the dispatch office with one of the civilian fire chiefs.
There was 5 of them, 4 at the fire station and one was assigned as the crash crew chief at the airfield.

What was so unusual about these fellows was they were in their 50's and all near the end of their careers, and prior to coming out to the island, they had worked at the fire/crash department at Edwards/Muroc Air Force Base!

This was in the early 70's so most of their early career (late 40's,50's and 60's ) was at Edwards/Muroc during the period when all the experimental testing was going on there. I became really close with the fire chief Ed and an assistant chief Ron.

They knew all the Mercury astronauts plus anybody else that went through there. They recovered Edwards body the guy the base was named after. Yeager, Armstrong they knew them all.

In the book/movie "The Right Stuff", there is a scene where Yeager bails out of the plane when he lost control and he comes walking out of the desert carrying his chute. A pick up truck comes driving up to retrieve him. Well, in real life they were those guys and they seriously thought they were looking for a body!

It was many years after they told me that story, that I saw it re-enacted on the big screen and realized that I had heard this story before. I'm like an idiot standing up in the theater pointing at the screen saying, "Hey I know those guys!"

Well of course in the many hours of them telling me story's of their adventures at Edwards on the crash crew, watching Buzz Aldrin learn to control the prototype of the Lunar Lander and seeing the various other experimental planes, I remember once asking Ed and Ron if they had ever witnessed anything "weird". Ron looked at Ed and after a moment he quietly said, "some of the things we saw, were literally out of this world."

I didn't think much about it at the time and even later on thought they were talking of the SR-71 which landed once at Adak while I was there, or the U-2, you know exotic conventional planes. But, since reading about Cooper's encounter at Edwards with the saucer landing there and the possible visit of "Ike" at Edwards with "ET visitors" and some of the other statements coming out from people who also were at Edwards when there were encounters with "craft". I now know what they were talking about. And I believe them to be true.

I am very grateful to the gentleman for relating the information.

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